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Afterworld is the story of Ries Vaulkner, a nobleman turned "zombie" who sets out on an adventure to discover who he is.

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Afterworld is the story of Ries Vaulkner, a nobleman turned "zombie" who sets out on an adventure to discover who he is.


holy gosh ok, some updates real quick since I've been trying to get back to Afterworld forever! T_T Chapter 4's script is completely finished, edited and everything. However, I now have a full time job in retail, which makes my hours not great for posting comics (especially when you work 8 days straight sometimes)! Also, I have a handful of commissions to finish, so the work keeps piling up. I have not forgotten about Ries and his adventures, but right now he's taking a backburner until I can balance out my workload sobbb. After commissions are handled, I should be back in full swing with comic making :"3

Thanks so everyone who has stuck around through this dry period. I really appreciate your patience! <3

Important update!

First of all, apologies for the lack of an update on this past Wednesday (3/2). The reason for this was that my grandmother has been very sick for the past 6 months and has recently gotten worse. My family and I have been worried that every time we see her that it will be the last time we see her. So, since her condition has worsened, we took an extremely impromptu trip to NJ, where she lives (about 6 hours from where we live.)

Basically, I dropped everything to go see her and my grandfather.

For future note, I may have to drop everything again and go back to NJ if anything else comes up. I will try to be a bit more prepared with having a page or something completed, but I know this past time everything seemed to be working against me updating (my internet went out the night before I left-- talk about horrible timing!)

Either way, I am sorry for the sudden disappearance and hope you all understand <3

2nd Monthly!

Yayyy Afterworld has hit it's second month! I know it sounds kind of ridiculous to update with something so simple but this is one of the only things I can think of that I've stuck with so long XD Thank you again for sticking with me and hello to new readers <3


Haha, just wanted to knock off the "omg this comic is super new" post there. But hey, dang, this comic has survived its first month! I'm really grateful to all of you guys for your support, it's so awesome <3 You've left amazing comments thus far and I hope you'll stick with me while I try and get more updates churning on here~

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